Episode 12: Rainbows are Badass

Episode 12: Rainbows are Badass.  Join us as we talk about video podcasts, organ meat, the goldfish centipede, appropriate office decor, and what dinosaurs thought about gay marriage.  Also, a sweet contest!

Some of the featured art in this podcast:

GAMECITY by Totto Renna:


Math by tenso GRAPHICS:


Technicolor Rex by ELECTRICMETHOD.NET:

"Technicolor Rex"

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  1. elizabeth campbell

    Dan, no one at your office should care how gay your art looks. That said, your art work is kinda of suggestive and inappropriately fun for most work places. But it’s awesome you actually spent money on these ridiculous, fantastic posters.

    I love, LOVE xkcd. I used to post some of the milder comics on my cubicle.

    Andy, don’t worry about being geeky. It’s appealing to many ladies I’ve known, including myself. I actually look for guys who lean toward the nerd label.

  2. Good job

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