Episode 23: Sports and Leisure

Episode 23: Sports and Leisure. Back the Truck Up comes dangerously close to becoming a sports podcast. After navigating through some nerd territory the discussion moves to Steve Jobs and important moral quandaries, finally moving back to elementary school relationships and video games.

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  1. schmiffy

    A question and a comment:

    In the sexathalon episode, Andrew admitted to faking orgasms while wearing condoms, and my question to you gentlemen is why would a guy feel the need to do that? Is this common for men? As a woman, I have… almost…never faked an orgasm, never really felt the need to, because I figure if I don’t get there, it’s just as much my own fault as it is my partner’s. Do guys really feel shame if their partner doesn’t climax? Should I be faking more orgasms?!

    In “Back the Gentleman Up”, the issue of leading and following came up, and Andrew made a claim that women like being told what to do on the dance floor. While there is something appealing about a confident man, I would add that there are probably a lot of men out there who would prefer to be to be led. Like your listener Emma, I have taken a few dance lessons myself, but my arm has never been wrenched out of its socket. Instead, I’ve encountered a ton of wimpy, limp armed guys with sweaty palms, who seem like they would do anything to have someone else be in charge. Am I reading this right?? These guys made me seriously consider learning the traditionally “male” lead role, because I don’t really care if I lead or follow, as long as someone is doing the driving. I can see the argument that if one person is significantly larger, it is probably just easier if they lead, as I can imagine steering someone twice my size would be difficult.

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